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We do not undertake these kinds of survey – they come under the heading of Life Sciences and we are an Earth Science business. Nevertheless if these aspects are a condition of any Planning Consent they have to be satisfied.

Archaeological investigations usually precede our site-work. In many cases much of their work overlaps our investigations, particularly for contamination investigations, so there can be savings. We have worked closely with Allen Archaeology, Lincoln, a young company of experienced archaeologists(http://www.allenarchaeology.co.uk/).

We have also been involved in a study of the effects of cast in situ piles on archaeological piles – http://www.english-heritage.org.uk/upload/pdf/Piling_for_Web_tagged.pdf.

Ecological surveys (flora and fauna) are usually undertaken by local wildlife experts. One company that stands out is ESL in Lincoln (http://www.ecologicalservicesltd.com/).

For rural developments it is often an opportunity to incorporate features beneficial to the quality of the site (e.g. owl boxes, newt ponds).