Water Well Boring

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With the cost of potable water increasing it makes sense to consider a water supply from your own bore for ‘greywater’ applications. A water well does not need to be licensed for abstractions of less than 20 cubic metres (4400 gallons) per day but the Environment Agency do like to be told about any installation. This makes sense because the EA can advise whether a bore will strike water, at what depth, the quality and quantity available. The EA will also then know to protect your personal groundwater supply!

Try http://www.environment-agency.gov.uk/business/topics/water/32032.aspx.

A positive response from the EA is just the beginning. There is always the chance that a borehole will be dry. That chance can be significantly reduced by:

  • — location of borehole with respect to topography;
  • — correct drilling method; and
  • — adequate, but not excessive, drilling depth to find groundwater.

Any water strikes need to be tested for flow rate and quality. It is rare that groundwater is potable and therefore should not be used for human consumption without some pre-treatment.