Mineral and Quarry Assessments

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This is real geology and getting into the areas where can indulge our primary interests.

As a geological consultancy we are familiar the economic value of rocks and are able to advise on and undertake exploration programmes.

Our geotechnical and mining experience allow us to undertake quarry surveys competently. http://www.hse.gov.uk/quarries/competence.htm

Contracts we have undertaken so far include:

  • — a structural survey at Penrhyn quarry, North Wales;
  • — Sand and Gravel resource delineations at Kirkby on Bain, Lincoln and Brandsburton, East Yorkshire;
  • — chalk quarry safety surveys in East Yorkshire;
  • — reserve identification for Jurassic ironstone in South Lincolnshire; and
  • — geo-conservation assessments in North and Central Lincolnshire.